Todd (1)A

13th June- 19th 2021

June is our Mixed retreat, perfect for couples, mates, solo travellers and well anyone really!!

We are so happy to bring back Todd, one of our favourite trainers who has been with us since the beginning.

Todd’s fitness journey was inspired after receiving personal training himself at age 14.
Todd had a successful football career, playing in the NSW Cup and in his local comp. It was here Todd experienced exceptional coaching in high performance strength and conditioning training and sparked his interest and passion further in the fitness industry. This passion led Todd into the fitness industry where he studied personal training and group fitness. Todd has an array of qualifications in fitness and continues to commit himself to further professional and personal development.
Over the last 9 years Todd has been motivated and driven to make a difference in his clients lives, with not just the physical aspect of training but embracing the importance of mental strength and health. With a holistic approach to health, Todd has empowered so many wonderful people to overcome more than just fitness goals in life and is excited to continue that passion on retreat.

20th June- 26th 2021

We are excited to welcome Abbey back for another “Girls Only Retreat”.

Abbey has been a Female only trainer for over 5 years, specialising in teaching ladies to love the skin they are in. Through her renowned female only bootcamps, Facebook forums, and community groups, Abbey is a expert in driving females to reach their full potential with physical and mental well-being means of training.
After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and failing to develop a personal connection with her body and associated mental health, Abbey took the brave leap into the world of self love and has not looked back since. Abbey’s passion lies in empowering women to develop a sense of self love and body confidence through the means of fitness and female empowerment. With this passion, Abbey has helped hundreds of females Australia wide in reaching their health and fitness goals, both mentally and physically.
We love Abbey’s passion for life, health and fitness and we are so excited for you to spend this amazing week away with her.


17th – 23rd October & 24th- 30th October 2021

After an incredible first retreat with us and due to popular demand, we are so excited to have Kate back on board for a 2020 retreat.

Kate inspired and motivated others through her weight loss journey, her journey initially caught the eye of many on social media and she now has a huge following of amazing people. Since that journey Kate has moved away from a weight loss focus and aims to inspire and motivate others through self-love and body confidence. Kate’s goal is to make as many people as she can feel comfortable in their own skin.

Kate will be providing educational and self empowerment sessions on this retreat. Kate will be joining you daily in the workouts and tours along the way.

We are also super excited to bring back our full of life trainer, Mitch.

Mitch is a personal trainer and has an extreme passion for fitness and living life to the fullest. He started young in the fitness world as a squash coach and soon took that passion around the world as an adventure guide. That exciting role has provided Mitch with the opportunity to climb Mt Kilimanjo not only once but twice and Everest base camp.
Mitch is equally as passionate about Mental Health and just finished completing a marathon in every state and territory to raise funds for Beyond Blue.
When he is isn’t off around the world or working with clients, you can catch him competing in Obstacle racing across Australia.
Mitch provided many laughs and lasting memories on his first retreat with us and we look forward to more of that when he joins us for both of these retreats with Kate.