Hi there,

Thanks for visiting our page and checking out Active Discovery. We thought we should share a little about who we are and why we started Active Discovery.

We are a husband and wife duo, with the hubby supporting this crazy wife to follow a dream and so here I am.

I started Active Discovery 3 years ago, after constantly thinking and talking about it. Bali is our happy place and I wanted to combine that and my love of fitness, and the benefits not only physically but mentally, together. So where better to do that, than in the amazing back drop of Bali.

I wanted to create affordable retreats for people that were so much more than just a good Insta pic and had a focus other than being social media fit. That’s why our retreats are competitively priced and we offer you the option to take your time paying it off, rather than needing to stress about money.

When starting this awesome, crazy ride never did we imagine to meet so many wonderful guests along the way. We say it every retreat, we really do have the best guests.

So if you are looking for a retreat where the people are real people, the experiences are awesome and we have the perfect balance of a fun, fitness and relax, then click book now and join us on our next retreat. You wont be disappointed.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the team and want to thank all of our past guests so far for making our retreats so much more than just a fitness retreat.