At Active Discovery- Mind, Body & Soul we are passionate about fun and fitness. Our Bali fitness retreats aim to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, all set in the beautiful landscape that is Bali.

Our retreats whilst having a focus on fitness provide you with the opportunity to recharge and de stress. We will nourish the body with healthy foods and daily workouts, relax and recharge the mind with yoga and empowering group sessions and soothe the soul through massage, relaxation and new experiences.

Our retreats come with plenty of free time and optional activities. So you can make it just what you need!


  1. 🍍 Daily workout options

  2. 🍍 Group Tour

  3. 🍍 Massage

  4. 🍍 All meals included

  5. 🍍 6 nights Accommodation

  6. 🍍 Transfers to and from the airport

  7. 🍍 Optional activities and tours

  8. 🍍 Welcome dinner

  9. 🍍 Gift bag upon arrival


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From $2350

Resort room 2

Double / Share
From $2150 pp


21st March-27th 2020

21st March- 27th

Featuring Mel Watts

14th- 20th June 2020

14th- 20th June

25th- 31st October 2020

25th-31st Oct 2020

Featuring Dedikated Kate